Treating substance abuse correctly saves lives

You need to know!

Did you know treating substance use incorrectly can actually make things worse? There are two root causes people abuse drugs and alcohol and they both require very different treatments for recovery. Our evaluations uncover which cause is the driving force so you can make informed decisions on the appropriate path for recovery.

Our Supervising Counselor, M. Beth Baldwin, is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor with over 25 years experience providing evidence-based innovative substance use evaluations. All our Certified Addictions Counselors are trained to work with the specific challenges of individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol.


Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with continuing empathy, compassion and support. Maintaining a trustful and non-judgmental environment is a critical piece of our commitment to those we work with.


Our supervising counselor has over 25 years’ experience working with at-risk adolescents. Our accredited counselors have over 50 years of experience working with adults whose lives have been impacted by substance use.”

Fast Turnaround

Evaluations are scheduled within 3-5 days and the results with recommendations within 5-7 days from the completion of the evaluation. Typical turnaround of other providers is upwards of two months.

Reliable Results

Knowing the cause of substance use is crucial in determining the best treatment option. We incorporate the gold star of evidence-based assessment tools with decades of experience to obtain superior insight into the true cause of the substance use.


Everyone struggling with substance use has diverse needs, different likes, and various interests. Our counselors will work with you to find the best treatment facilities based on your individual needs and interests from our list of vetted agencies.


We encourage an atmosphere of knowledge and information with our clients. Our staff is here to answer any questions, help with determining treatment options and assist in any way we can to ensure the most comprehensive service we can provide.

The staff are very thoughtful, educated, and caring. They truly care about making a difference for their clients and hold their clients’ needs, happiness, and success as top priorities. Their compassion for people is evident in everything that they do. This compassion, combined with their knowledge and experience, are things that everyone deserves and will experience at Colorado Addictions Consulting.

Don't Wait.

Getting a substance use evaluation can mean the difference between getting them the help they need or watching them spiral out of control.