Providing the Gold Star standard of care for our clients and their families is at the heart of what we do.

Colorado Addictions Consulting sets itself apart from other agencies with our unparalleled ability to connect with our clients and provide exceptionally insightful results from our proprietary evidence-based evaluations.

We’ll get the real story

There’s no lonelier, helpless, and hurtful feeling than when your child is completely unreachable, and you have no idea where to go or what to do. They won’t talk to you, they blame you for everything, you’re the one with the problem, not them. Your desperation is indescribable.

The answer you’re searching for is Colorado Addictions Consulting. Our exceptionally talented team is vastly experienced in working with at-risk youth. We are highly skilled at gaining the trust of your child, allowing open communication to get the true reason why your child is abusing drugs and alcohol. Having that information gives you the tools you need to find the best treatment and recovery for your child.

We meet all those who enter our doors with respect, humanity, and understanding. No judgement here. Just our sincere desire to help.


Time is critical when dealing with substance abuse and it is imperative to know the best way to help someone as quickly as possible.

FAQ for Parents

Do I need a referral from my child’s pediatrician to have an evaluation done?

No. We can evaluate your child with a request from you or a referral from your child’s pediatrician.

How quickly can my child be seen for an evaluation?

We can schedule your child’s evaluation within 3-5 business days of your request or a referral from your pediatrician.

Do you do Telehealth or in-person visits?

Meeting with clients face to face provides the counselor with the best opportunity to observe verbal and facial indicators as well as body language, so we prefer to meet in person. We also recognize there may be a need for adaptations to be made and will offer Telehealth if you are unable to make an in-person visit.

How long will it take to get the results of the evaluation?

The report will be available 5-7 business days after the completion of the evaluation

Don't Wait.

Getting a substance use evaluation can mean the difference between getting them the help they need or watching them spiral out of control.